Surefire Hellfighter LED Conversion

Surefire has long been know for making quality lights that have reasonable performance, high intensity discharge lights in general have their pros and cons. Some of the downsides include start up time, quality of light, poor dimming, and UV & IR outputs.

For my application a solid state light source is much more manageable and will allow me choose a better CCT, as well as have several luminus output levels. One of the biggest challenges for this project will be optical selection/management. The stock reflector is design for a HID light source, the LED(s) I use will not be compatible with this reflector so a multi lens/reflector setup will likely be the solution. 

Ultimately I went with a multiple LED solution for ease of component selection, both LED and optical. The result is 4 LEDs run in series at about 2A (on full output) for a decent amount of light out the front. The battery pack is just 4 lithiums in series for a voltage stack up close to the LED string, a simple buck regulates current. I went with a Pelican case and Amphenol connectors for the fun factor. An internal battery solution probably would have fit but would have limited run times and thermal considerations.

Roman Lilligren