Accent Lighting

This is one of the biggest accent lighting installs I have done entirely with RGB tape/strip lighting. The bar is located in Collegetown in Ithaca, NY where a friend of mine asked if I could do some lighting at his new bar. 200 linear feet of RGB LEDs went into the production of this bar along with 3 controllers, 10 signal amplifiers and lots of soldering. The bar is divided into 3 separate lighting zones: the bottle racks are on one zone, the face of the bar is on a second and the wall opposite the bar the 3rd. They can be set to illuminate red, green, blue or any color in between, and the zones can be all on the same input signal or on separate signals.

All of the walls are painted with a final coat that is glossy and the ceiling is a gold color that reflects light very well, especially from the bottle racks. The face of the bar was done in aluminum flashing for a semi reflective finish. The rest of the lighting in the bar is incandescent lighting for a warm environment.


Many of the pictures were taken in sequence to show how different the bar looks under different lighting conditions.

Roman Lilligren