Dim to Warm

Dim to warm light engines or modules have been around for a while now but are still not common in residential applications. Cree started offering their LMH2 modules in what they call sunset dimming back in October 2013. I finally got around to making a housing for one of these modules that contained a power source and active cooling. The purpose of this design was to provide power and cooling to the LMH2 module, a secondary shade or diffuser is required to reduce glare in a direct view application.

Using the LMH2 light engine I mated it to Cooliance heat sink and fan for much cooler operation with a small heat sink. With any level of ambient noise in a room the fan is not heard on account of its slow operation speed.


The LMH2 module runs near 1A so I used a 24v 1A 0-10v Meanwell supply. The supply with the power switch live in their own case, providing power to the light engine and fan via SO cable. The cases for both were laser cut from 1/4″ acrylic for a clean looking see through finish.

Roman Lilligren