First Triple build

I have been playing with 20mm triple XP-E and XP-G series boards to see how small of a foot print they can make while pushing 600+ lumens.

This latest build was on the Surefire e-series platform that was originally incandescent and retro fitted it to an LED based light source. I am using XP-E R3 emitters because of their narrower light emission than the XP-G die. While they have some reduced output when compared to the XP-G R5 which I used in my last build, I was able to order 5000k color over the 6500k flavor most of the XP-G R5s come in giving them a “cleaner” looking white output. The beam becomes floody very fast because the optic that is designed to go with this board is only about 20mm in diameter and about 7mm tall. With the narrowest 16.4 degree Carclo optic the light is very usable for distances under 50 feet. Given that the foot print of the entire light is about 1″ at its thickest and about 3 1/2″ it is a potent little light.

The base head/bezel is from an E2e Surefire, the body is from a Surefire E1b and the tail cap is from TnC Products.

Roman Lilligren